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SMART Cannon

The SMART Cannon represents the most advanced furnace cleaning technology available.  With over 2000 installations worldwide, the SMART Cannon has proven to be the most effective and reliable furnace cleaning device on the market.  The main advantage gained with the SMART Cannon is increasing the cleaning coverage in the boiler from 30% with traditional wall blowers, up to 90% with Cannons.  By increasing the heat transfer in the furnace, operators can finally take control of, and optimize, the boiler performance.

The SMART Cannon is designed as a three dimensional cleaning device with “X” and “Y” axis control facilitated through self-contained, modular linear drives designed to travel approximately 45 degrees in each direction and the “Z” axis controlled through varying water pressure during operation “X”.

Principle of cleaning
  • Due to its specially developed control technology, the water jet creates a meander shaped pattern on the side and opposite wall. With its horizontal and vertical blowing arc each of 90°, a single cannon can clean a large area of the furnace.
  • The cleaning configurations can be determined precisely and repeated consistently.
  • The lance movements are directly and continuously monitored. We do not rely on monitoring the drive unit alone but also combine different nozzle sizes and blowing pressures to clean opposite walls at a distance of up to 80 feet.
  • Thereby we prevent uncontrolled water application into the furnace.
  • Heavy-duty cleaning system suited for the high furnace temperatures
  • Compact design
  • Cleans areas difficult to access, e.g. hopper, center wall
  • Cleaning figures can be individually adjusted to boiler geometry – simple change on demand
  • Precise, repeatable water jet positioning
Water cleaning system

The major elements of a Water Cleaning system are:

SMART Cannon: Opposed wall water cannon located in strategic positions on the furnace wall. From their vantage points each SMART Cannon is pre-set to clean many individual zones on their opposing and adjacent walls.

SMART Pump: Dynamic water pressure is supplied to the SMART Cannon via the compact, variable speed, variable pressure SMART Pump water pumping station.  The heart of the SMART Pump skid is a VFD controlled, ultra-reliable pump, made with dual bearings and a double mechanical seal.  This double mechanical seal is an advantage for the operator over conventional single mechanical seals which are prone to fail prematurely.  Each pump is sized and constructed using materials chosen to meet each plant’s unique operating parameters.

SMART Furnace: Sensor based optimization system to continuously monitor and assess the deposit situation in the furnace and to determine suitable and demand-oriented cleaning actions. SMART Furnace also automatically adjusts the water jet pressure and progress velocity to minimize the tube thermal impact, on the basis of the feedback from SMART Flux or SMART Infrascan sensors.

  • Precise, repeatable water jet positioning
  • Reduce Furnance Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) up to 212 °F
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to wall blower
  • Increase unit efficiency by 0.5% - 2%