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Rake Sootblower

The Rake Sootblower is designed for the cleaning of finned heating surfaces, economizers or rotating basket type air heater as well as DeNOx systems at flue gas temperatures < 650° C.
It uses the potential energy in the blowing medium (steam or air) and transforms it almost completely into kinetic energy by means of venturri nozzles. For this range of application the Rake Sootblower offers the following designs to meet specific cleaning requirements.
It uses a specially configured non-rotating lance to apply all cleaning power down towards the catalyst surface, this enables the blower to effectively re-entrain solid particulate as well as reduce pressure loss across those surfaces.

Principle of cleaning
  • The blowing rake is equipped with high performance  nozzles – blowing element remains in the flue gas path
  • During the blowing process the blowing rake continues to move axially into the flue gas path
  • On reaching the front side end position the direction of movement changes and the blowing rake returns to its rest position
Travel range
  • Integrated stop valve with adjustable throttle disc for comfortable adjustment of the blowing pressure
  • High performance nozzles for maximum conversion of steam pressure to jet velocity for high cleaning efficiency
  • Travel monitoring by limit switch
  • Integrated gear motor for advance movement
  • RS type with double-rack drive design for minimum stress and high stability
  • Extended boiler availability and increased boiler efficiency
  • Checks deposit build-up regardless of flexible boiler operation and changing fuel mixture or varying fuel quality
  • Prevents fouling in the air heaters as well as economizers
  • Maximizes thermal efficiency and reduces gas exit temperatures
  • Maintains balanced heat transfer in the boiler as close as possible to design parameters
  • Reliable and simple to maintain
  • Design optimizes cleaning effect and minimizes consumption of steam, water and air