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The new Clyde Bergemann SMARTJet is the most advanced cleaning device for the cleaning of heat transfer surfaces in rotary air preheaters and gas reheaters. Its unique features are designed for the demanding service requirements of gas reheater installations associated with Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) plants. On conventional regenerative air preheaters, its superior ability to unplug heavy fouling build up and to remove water soluble ABS deposits contributes to improved boiler thermal efficiency and the prevention of unplanned outages.


SMART Jet options can be tailored to suit all customer requirements – from a standard SMART Jet cleaning operation through to a fully integrated intelligent cleaning system - with supporting instrumentation and controls.

Travel range
  • Blowing medium – steam, air, low pressure water or high pressure water can be selected to suit operational requirements.
  • The SMARTJet moves across the heater in steps, timed to match one or more rotations of the element assembly, to ensure full and even cleaning.
  • The single, fully retractable multi-medium lance is made from corrosion resistant materials to resist damage from acidic gases, and is parked outside the gas stream when not in use. The lance can be fully removed for inspection or maintenance without affecting the operation of the heater.
  • After cleaning is completed, the cleaning medium supply is automatically switched off and the lance is retracted to its rest position outside of the unit.
  • The next generation SMARTJet can allow for selective ring cleaning and focused area intensive cleaning tailored to the particular problem of each application.
  • High pressure on-load water jetting ensures heater availability at all times. Unplanned outages due to basket blockage are eliminated
  • High pressure off-load water jetting to clear specific basket blockages can be carried out without removal of basket elements or use of paid contractors.
  • The new design builds on the experience of the industry leading Jetblower and has been tested and proven under the most severe operating conditions in over 100 installations in 17 countries around the world.
  • Optimum cleaning performance achieved with the unique and patented cluster nozzle design.