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On-load Boiler Cleaning Systems

Clyde Bergemann’s typical fields of operation include thermal energy conversion processes based on coal, waste, oil or biomass. For over 60 years, we have focused our work on the development and production of efficient solutions for on-load cleaning of heating and reaction surfaces. We offer an extensive range of cleaning devices specifically designed for the different cleaning requirements within a boiler by applying various cleaning methods and nozzles as well as nozzle arrangements.


As a pioneer in the industry, we play a vital role in shaping cleaning technology. As such we were the
first in the market successfully applying water for furnace cleaning. Likewise, we were quick to spot the advantages of demand-driven boiler cleaning which is performed according to the actual deposit situation and not following a fixed cleaning scheme. A whole new philosophy called SMART Clean™ has evolved out of the advantages of demand-driven boiler cleaning.

  • Extended boiler availability
  • Increased boiler efficiency
  • Controllable deposit build-up regardless of flexible boiler operation and changing fuel mixture or varying fuel quality
  • Effective and efficient boiler cleaning