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SMART Controls is the open architecture, centralized management system designed to control your boiler cleaning devices with the latest technology available. Not only does SMART Controls provide the most features of any management system on the market, at the most cost-effective price, it also is the most compatible, economical system to upgrade as well. While it is an ideal solution for new installations, SMART Controls is a fully compatible replacement for any existing boiler cleaning control systems.
In keeping with its strong reputation reliability, Clyde Bergemann has taken the unique approach of employing only best-in-class hardware and software to create its SMART Controls system.  This ensures every system component is from reputable manufacturers, with industry recognized quality and reliability standards.  By relying on these non-proprietary components, Clyde Bergemann can focus on leveraging its unmatched expertise in designing and building the world’s best boiler cleaning devices, and developing the most intelligent cleaning platforms, so that each SMART Controls installation is custom-designed to best address the customer’s needs.

A SMART Controls system is comprised of one or more PLC-based control panels linked to a Windows-based PC operator interface or Industrial Touch Panel interface via Ethernet. The number and type of panels can depend on the quantity and type of cleaning devices used. As an option, Smart ControlsTM can easily be interfaced with the plant DCS (Distributed Control System). The DCS may serve as the primary interface for day-to-day operations, with the SMART Controls system operating in the background for configuration and reporting. As additional cleaning technologies and modules are added in the future, additional control modules can be integrated with the original system.

SMART Controls Product Family:
  • SMART Controls  for Sootblowers
  • SMART Controls for SMART Sootblowers
  • SMART Controls for SMART Cannons
  • SMART Controls for Shower - Clean