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Boiler Efficiency

Ash deposits from the combustion of solid and liquid fuels create significant challenges during the operation of power plants, incinerators, petrochemical plants or pulp & paper mills. Deposits on heating and reaction surfaces reduce efficiency and can lead to expensive operational problems. Without the installation of on-load cleaning, frequent outages are inevitable creating complex and expensive manual cleaning. Revenue lost during outages as a result of fouling is a far greater cost.

Solving this problem has been the principal goal of Clyde Bergemann Power Group as a partner of the boiler and power industry for many years. Clyde Bergemann supplies cleaning systems capable of removing residues of solid and liquid fuels safely and effectively while plants are operating.

Installation benefits of Clyde Bergemann cleaning systems for the owner/operator:
  • Reduced outage periods
  • Extension of operating periods
  • Increased thermal output
  • Balanced heat transmission in accordance with plant design parameters
  • Improved efficiency
  • Economically optimised operation of the cleaning system with SMART Clean and FACOS™ systems
  • Dependable after sales service

Reference plants all over the world demonstrate that Clyde Bergemann products operate to the customers' satisfaction under the most difficult service conditions.