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Clyde Bergemann provides expertly engineered, custom-designed and fabricated dampers for a full range of utility and industrial applications. 

Bachmann® dampers are recognised worldwide for high performance, quality manufacture, heavy-duty design, innovative materials, and leading edge technology for optimised performance.

Whether a damper is for the control, modulation or isolation of air-gas flow, its long-term performance and cost-effectiveness are determined largely by the integrity of its design. 

A well-engineered damper serves its purpose effectively and efficiently, delivering many years of reliable service that contribute significantly to a plant’s smooth and safe operation. 

Clyde Bergemann’s decades of experience in supplying quality dampers is the reason behind our continued success.  Many competitors offer only "cut and paste" designs, whereas we can and will truly customise products to your system's unique design needs.

  • Extensive knowledge base and expertise
  • Innovative design and engineering
  • Designs to meet your specific requirements
  • Custom fabrication
  • Reliable installation and service
  • Reliable, safe operation through long years of service
  • Proper solutions for tough applications
  • Cost-effective operation