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Pipes & Fittings

Perma/flo Pipe & Fittings

Clyde Bergemann Power Group PERMA/flo pipe is designed to withstand the wearing action of abrasive materials when transported either hydraulically or pneumatically. Constructed of a special cast chrome iron alloy, PERMA/flo pipe is uniform in wall thickness and homogenous in its tough, dense, close grained structure.

To cover the wide variation of hardness requirements, PERMA/flo piping is available in hardness ranges to 500+ Brinell compared to #140 for 316 SS, #180 for grey cast iron, and #215 for austenetic manganese steel. The fittings are constructed of a hard chrome-iron, abrasion resistant alloy. The compact construction of the fittings allow for easy installation and replacement.

PERMA/flo pipe and fittings are available in 2” to 12” diameters and in short and long radius designs All PERMA/flo pipe and fittings are cast with plain ends to allow for a multitude of connection options including sleeve type couplings and flanged adapters.

  • Cast Hard Chrome Iron Alloy Construction
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Can be used for vacuum or pressure applications
  • Fittings available in  a multitude of configurations in short and long radius designs

Whatever you call them in your plant, “angel hairs” or “snakeskins”, they can be a serious problem to your production. They clog up machinery, system terminals and filters. When shipped with your product, they cause rejection and return of shipments and cause product loss and production downtime.

Pipe treatment methods to minimize the problem have been around for a number of years, but all other methods suffer from one or both of these shortcomings:

  • Reduction in “angel hairs” produces an increase in fines
  • Pipe treatment wears out with use and loses its effectiveness

Only SPIRA/flo has been proven to be the most effective in reducing “angel hairs’ without producing fines and without losing its effectiveness. SPIRA/flo piping also has the internal treatment method which has been proven by rigorous comparison testing and years of customer use.

SPIRA/flo cuts operating costs. With SPIRA/flo, it is no longer necessary to retreat pipe to maintain it effectiveness. It is common with sandblasted, shot blasted, scratched or other forms of treatment to require removal and retreatment as frequently as every 12 to 18 months. SPIRA/flo eliminates the high labor cost and downtime required for retreatment. SPIRA/flo does the job best and continues to do the job without loss of its effectiveness. Results are guaranteed.


Size and availability

The most common form of SPIRA/flo is aluminum, schedule 10. It is available in pipe sizes 2” to 8” in 20’ random lengths. For 10” and 12”, schedule 40 material is required. Tubing is also available starting at 2.00” O.D. Also available is 304 stainless steel, schedule 10, in sizes 2” to 8”. Schedule 40 material for 10” and 12” diameters. Lengths are from 20’ random lengths as received from the mill.



SPIRA/flo treatment must be applied to straight pipe or tubing before it is formed into bends by a special technique. Almost any customer need in pipe bends can be met by Clyde Bergemann. Most users employ a radius of 10 times or 12 times the pipe diameter. All bends are supplied with straight ends, which are normally two times the diameter length.

  • Reduces angel hairs, snakeskins, streamers and fines for the conveyance of Plastic Pellets and like materials.
  • Eliminates labor cost and downtime required for retreatment
  • Other pipe treatments wear out and lose effectiveness