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Reliable On-line Boiler Cleaning with Water

The effective operation of a Waste to Energy (WtE) facility is significantly influenced by the ability of the boiler operators to maintain gas flow throughout the gas passages of the boiler while minimizing build-up on heat transfer surfaces throughout the boiler. 

In order to maintain consistent operations, WtE operators need to employ modern boiler cleaning equipment to target fouling while minimizing potential corrosion/erosion inside the boiler. 

Shower-Clean System (SMART SCS)

The SMART SCS uses water as the cleaning medium to remove fouling from the internal boiler surfaces including the furnace platen heat transfer surfaces and open radiation passes.  Located on the boiler roof, the SMART SCS utilizes an inverted umbrella nozzle that sprays water in a continuous 360 degree pattern as it is being lowered down the gas passage or furnace.  As the water enters the pores of the deposits and evaporates, it causes a sudden expansion of volume that induces cracks on the deposit surface.  As these cracks grow, sections begin to break off from the main deposit.

More information about the SMART SCS Shower Cleaning System can be found here…

SMART Cannon

SMART Cannon has globally proved itself as an effective system for cleaning of combustion chambers and empty passes. The prevailing high temperatures as well as the immediate combustion processes result in deposits and sometimes in difficult to remove clinkers on the membrane walls. The cleaning effect of water is the ideal solution for removing slagging.

To achieve the water jet quality required for successful on-load boiler cleaning, several parameters must be perfectly aligned with each other and to slagging and fouling.

  • Nozzle geometry and nozzle diameter, as well as the blowing pressure, are essential factors that determine the water jet quality.
  • In the cleaning operation, the water impact angle, the water volume and the size of the covered area must match the intensity and characteristics of the deposit.
  • By varying the water jet speed, the impact time is adjusted to the fouling intensity.

More information about the SMART Cannon Cleaning System can be found here…