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Process Optimization: SMART Clean for Waste-to-Energy

SMART Clean™ intelligent Sootblowing  is a closed loop control system that uses feedback from the heat exchanger, gathered in real-time during normal boiler operation, to effectively clean the boiler heat transfer surfaces. 

This system intelligently manages the sequence of sootblower operation. Through the use of a targeted cleaning strategy that saves steam by dynamically managing the sootblowing timing and flow, the SMART Clean system utilizes the real-time boiler data to detect build up in specific areas of the boiler.  Once this build up has been identified, the system initiates a localized cleaning events to target the build up with the appropriate intensity.

Comprised of an industry leading SMART Controls platform and real time Thermodynamic Modelling (TDM) feedback, the Clyde Bergemann SMART Clean system is the ultimate weapon to combat carry over and plugging problems while maximizing the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler.