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Material Handling

Meet Process Safety, Reliability, Efficiency and Emissions Regulatory Requirements

Due to the abrasive nature of raw materials processed throughout the industry, a facility’s material handling equipment must be designed to withstand severe wear in normal operation. Abrasion caused by these raw materials can result in significant ongoing maintenance and replacement costs for systems that were not adequately designed for use in that environment. Clyde Bergemann has over 90 years of experience in providing high performance material handling solutions for abrasive or mildly abrasive dry bulk products. Our industry-proven offerings for gravity, lean, and dense phase pneumatic conveying systems utilize severe and heavy duty components to maximize life expectancy, even on the most abrasive applications. These long-life systems provide the lowest total cost of ownership for your material handling requirements.  Clyde Bergemann’s team of material handling experts will design and customize a system to effectively transport and store your raw materials at any point in the process cycle.


Clyde Bergemanns Material Handling Product Portfolio includes:

  • Pneumatic conveying – lean and dense phase
  • Kiln dust removal, storage & transport
  • Injection & blending technologies
  • Silo systems and storage
  • Solid fuel handling systems
  • Severe duty rotary feeders/airlocks,
  • Abrasion resistant pipe & fittings,
  • Material handling valves, and
  • Aeration Systems