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Boiler Cleaning and Efficiency

Residual deposits from process solids and fuels reduce efficiency and can lead to significant challenges during the operation of boilers, kilns, furnaces and other heat exchangers.  Clyde Bergemann has decades of experience in suppling online cleaning systems that are designed to maximize the heat transfer efficiency of equipment by removing these residues safely and effectively during normal operation of the facility.  Our systems are designed to precisely clean the unique geometries of your heat transfer surfaces without upsetting the system process.  Proper cleaning of these surfaces can result in a measurable gain in overall system efficiency, which will increase throughput while lowering the facility’s ongoing operational costs.

Clyde Bergemann’s Boiler, Kiln, and Furnace Cleaning products include:

  • Demand-driven on-load cleaning for heat transfer surfaces on boilers, kilns, and furnaces
  • Removal of all residues from process solids and fuels while the plant is operating
  • Increased plant availability
  • Improved boiler, kiln, and furnace efficiency
  • Reduced emissions
  • Optimized combustion process
  • Increased energy recovery effectiveness