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Clyde Bergemann India Embarks Upon Execution of Orders for Boiler Efficiency Equipment of Seven New 660 MW Supercritical Boiler Units in India

Continuing on from Clyde Bergemann India’s successful implementation of boiler cleaning equipment in 11 units of Supercritical Boilers (660 / 700 MW) for L&T-MHPS, L&T-MHPS have recently entrusted Clyde Bergemann India with sootblower package orders for the 3 x 660 MW Ghatampur project. Similarly, following the successful execution of the sootblower package order for 3 x 660 MW Barh-I project, Doosan Power Systems India have reposed their confidence in Clyde Bergemann technology by awarding sootblower package orders for the 2 x 660 MW Jawaharpur and 2 x 660 MW Obra C projects.

For the Ghatampur project, Clyde Bergemann India is going to manufacture & supply wall deslaggers to clean the furnace walls, bearing temperatures of up to 1,600 °C and long retractable sootblowers for use in the superheater and reheater areas with heavy fouling. To clean the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) units, Clyde Bergemann India will manufacture and supply Rake type sootblowers which are the most suitable cleaning devices for this application. Rake sootblowers consist of a blowing rake equipped with cross-arms having nozzles. For cleaning, the nozzles are optimally aimed at the baskets of catalytic elements. The blowing rake moves axially in the flue gas path during its cleaning cycle.
Supplies for the project shall commence from the latter half of 2018 and shall be completed by December 2019.

For Jawaharpur and Obra C projects, Clyde Bergemann India will also manufacture and supply wall deslaggers, long retractable sootblowers and additionally furnace temperature probes. Clyde Bergemann manufactures sturdy and heavy-duty furnace temperature probes, which are installed in boilers for reliable measurement of the FEGT (furnace exit gas temperature), an important parameter for monitoring the boiler operation and performance.
For both the projects, supplies will commence in early 2019 and will be completed by October 2019.

“I am very happy that we have been once again able to win the confidence of our major customers, who have reposed their trust on Clyde Bergemann with repeat orders and continuing business relationship”, states Pankaj Malhotra, Managing Director of Clyde Bergemann India. “Clyde Bergemann India is very well positioned to cater to the Indian market with Clyde Bergemann technologies that make an important contribution to optimised & efficient energy conversion and production processes.”

About Clyde Bergemann:
Clyde Bergemann is a globally operating group of companies offering key components and solutions to customers focusing on energy related conversion and production processes.

The Group's main activities lie in the following areas:

  • Boiler cleaning systems
  • Materials handling systems for fly and bottom ash
  • Heat exchangers and heat recovery systems.

Used in thermal power plants, industrial boiler systems and similar energy conversion processes as well as in the basic industry, Clyde Bergemann technology makes an important contribution to optimised, efficient and low-emission conversion and production processes.