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Clyde Bergemann’s Bottom Ash Handling System DRYCON Gains a Foothold in Japan

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., the owner and operator of the plant, is one of the biggest power generating and electricity supplying companies in Japan. The new highly efficient ultra-supercritical (USC) plant Taketoyo 5 is supposed to replace three old oil-burning units. Chubu awarded Japanese Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI), Clyde Bergemann’s long-term partner in Japan for dry bottom ash handling solutions, with the delivery of all ash handling systems.

For handling and cooling of the bottom ash, Clyde Bergemann’s patented DRYCON technology will be deployed.  DRYCON is a pan belt conveyor, an eco-friendly system that eliminates water usage completely utilizing ambient air for cooling the bottom ash only. The air streams along the conveyor and in counter flow to hot ash, transferring heat back into the boiler.

The DRYCON technology makes it possible to easily transport the bottom ash to the silo top over a distance of 75 m at an incline of 40° with a single stage conveyor. Other commercially available dry bottom ash handling systems have to apply a second conveyor for inclines of more than 35°. That not only increases the cost of purchase but also has a negative effect on follow-on costs, like spare parts and service provision.

Alongside environmental compatibility and low operating and maintenance costs, DRYCON also delivers a by-product – dry bottom ash – that is saleable to other industrial markets.

“Securing this order is based on an exceptional collaboration with SHI. With Chubu Electric Power's acceptance, DRYCON now also gains a foothold in Japan”, states Dr. Christian Mueller, President & CEO of the Clyde Bergemann Power Group.