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Our Vision

To become a worldwide leading company with focus on engineering, manufacturing and servicing of key components for the power and related industries enhanced with advanced digital solutions.


Our Mission

  • We contribute with our products where it matters in energy conversion processes.
  • We deliver trust.
  • We together with our customers increase process efficiency.

We. Together. Committed to Process Efficiency.


Our Values

  • Our company is focused on our customers, our people and our products.
  • Our customers are approached with respect in a trustful environment and we make it easy for them to do business with us.
  • Our people are characterised by their agility, loyalty and respect towards our customers and the company. They collaborate as a team, act responsibly and are accountable for their performance.
  • We are a learning organisation, our company culture encourages continuing education to achieve our objectives and improve our business processes sustainably.
  • We are a team orientated organisation with good and open communications within our business teams and throughout our global organisation.


Our Company Culture

  • Our company culture, shared by our shareholders and employees, is characterised by our ownership approach where everyone feels personally engaged and responsible for the performance and future development of our company. 
  • The owner family stands for entrepreneurial independence and long-term orientation as well as trust and respect towards its employees.
  • Our employees are loyal, responsible, focused and innovative.  Decision making is part of our culture.  Employees give their best in order to secure the long-term success of the company as if it is their own company and enjoy being a member of the Clyde Bergemann family.
  • Our culture is one of togetherness and teamwork working closely with our owners to achieve long term company success.