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Clyde Bergemann Ltd.

Clyde Bergemann Limited is an energy services business based in Glasgow, Scotland that specializes in designing and manufacturing engineering systems to improve heat exchanger thermal efficiency in fossil fuel installations. The company works with power stations, oil refineries and marine applications, lowering environmental emissions and helping facilities meet their challenge of reducing these emissions.

The Glasgow facility also supports the specific requirements of the Petrochemical industry and, in particular, the many, widely varying worldwide standards on hazardous area designed products. 

Our customer base is wide and reflects a very international structure to our business, and includes key players including the following; Alfa Laval Aalborg, Heurtey Petrochem, Saudi Aramco, Lummus, Howden, Doosan Power Systems, Kirchner, Foster Wheeler, INEOS, BP, Esso, Shell, E.On, RWE, SSE and many others. The company also exports to over 70 countries per annum and has won numerous business and export awards.
Flagship products include the Jetblower and VX sootblower ranges for regenerative air heater systems, bespoke solutions for the highly demanding Petrochemical industry and the Water Cannon and Shower Cleaning systems for the latest technological approaches to effective furnace cleaning.

Centre of competence for Boiler Efficiency Products for:
•    Petrochemical Industry
•    UK Power (Utility)
•    Marine Industry

Applications include:
•    Petrochemical Plants and Oil Refineries – Cleaning of heat transfer surfaces
•    Marine Boilers - Reducing fouling created as a result of burning fossil fuels. 
•    Economizers – Recovering heat from waste gas
•    Air and Gas/Gas Heaters – On-load cleaning of heating and reaction surfaces