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Young Talents 2013

This year the global Young Talents Meeting was held from 25th to 28th April in Shanghai, China.
28 young professionals had been selected from all over the world and invited to join this exceptional experience. Thereby they had the chance to spend some time together with Franz Bartels the President & CEO of Clyde Bergemann Power Group, who has been present for the whole four days.

Young Talents Programme 2013

The meeting included introductory presentations by the Young Talents, sessions with Clyde Bergemann Power Group executives, several workshops and a guest speaker from a large, international corporation - all aimed at instilling a sense of team work and support helping the Young Talents improve their skills and capabilities, and to allow these promising individuals a better understanding of the vision and the mission of the Clyde Bergemann Power Group. The Young Talents Meeting also provides an opportunity to expand international experience and cultural awareness.

Apart from dining in typical Chinese fashion every night, this year, the Young Talents group visited the Shanghai Electric Lingang Heavy Machinery Base, one of the largest diversified equipment manufacturing groups in China. Beside the older boiler factory, the Young Talents also had the chance to visit the new turbines and generators factory. To top it all off, the last team activity gave the Young Talents an opportunity to explore the exciting city of Shanghai while making a video to try and capture the culture and sights of the city.

Young Talents Programme 2013