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Condition Assessments

Condition Assessments
  • Provide well trained and experience service technicians for any sootblower needs
  • Service Technicians have all the safety requirements necessary
  • We will also take site specific training to meet individual companies requirements
  • Provide well trained and experience service technicians to assess the condition of each individual sootblower at no charge to our customers
  • Usually done 2-4 months ahead of outage to assist planners witch scheduling work
  • We will provide a detailed report outlineing condition of each sootblower by component
  • Report will include recommended time frame with which repairs or maintenance should be performed.  
    • Immediate need – Usually related to imenent failure or safety
    •  When reasonable – Within 3-6 months and related to items in early stages of wear
    • Future – More than 6 months
  • Report will also include a complete list of the parts necessary to make repairs.  Again these will be broken out by time frame.
  • Condition assessments include the following for each sootblower in the reports:
    • Condition of the canopy
    • Condition of the poppet valve
    • Condition of the Carriage/Gearbox
    • Condition of the Lance Tube
    • Condition of the Feed Tube
    • Condition of the Rack
    • Condition of the Poppet Valve operating mechanism
    • Condition of electrical supply cables
    • Condition of the chain or cable
    • Condition of the wallbox/sleeve assembly
    • Condition of the front rollers