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Sonic Horn

Clyde Bergemann’s Sonic Horn technology brings a different type of cleaning to customers than our industry leading sootblowers. Acoustic cleaning transfers compressed air energy into sonic energy, providing safe and effective cleaning in economizers, air heaters and SCRs.  Risk of erosion or corrosion by sootblower blowing media is eliminated because the sound wave does not impinge on the equipment surface.
Sonic Horns produce acoustic energy through low frequency sound waves by forcing compressed air through a sound generator. The sonic wave is then magnified by the horn section, specifically designed to meet your cleaning needs. The ash absorbs the sonic energy and vibrates, weakening the adhesion force between the ash and equipment surface. The ash is then picked up by the gas stream and carried away, restoring heat transfer to the tube bank or catalyst.  Because sonic horns produce a wave of energy, they are effective over a 360° sweep, cleaning areas inaccessible to sootblowers.
  • Titanium alloy sound generator
  • Stainless steel horn
  • Low ownership cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced risk of tube erosion or corrosion
  • Small footprint