Bottom Ash Handling

Dry Ash Handling System - Drycon
Bottom Ash Handling System
Bottom Ash Handling
bottom ash handling system

Global environmental pressures demand increasing efforts from power generators to reduce CO2, water consumption and associated pollutants at a micro level.  Since 1974 Clyde Bergemann has been providing clean energy solutions to the power industry for handling furnace bottom ash and along the way developing its ability to focus on the reduction of pollutants.

Clyde Bergemann has established its operations globally and through commitment, time and careful planning has produced a portfolio of technological solutions that is second to none.  Whether you are looking for the latest dry bottom ash handling technology or just seeking to retrofit existing hydraulic equipment Clyde Bergemann has a solution for you.

In the early days Clyde Bergemann focussed its R&D on the development of continuous Submerged Scraper Chain technologies which was followed by a number of significant retrofit and new installations on power plant up to 1000MW in generating capacity.  The Clyde Bergemann Submerged Scraper Chain conveyor is seen as one of the most robust and reliable conveyor systems in the industry today.

Unlike many of our competitors, our ambition is to be a leader and recognise the need to push our technological boundaries and strive for more efficient technologies and solutions.  In doing so we recognised the force in the industry to reduce or remove the amount of water that was being utilised in the power generation process.  In 2005 Clyde Bergemann announced the birth of the DRYCON system which was a completely dry alternative to their wet removal system.  Whilst eliminating water consumption completely this new technology brought other operational advantages including better combustion efficiency and lower power consumption, whilst delivering a by-product that was saleable to the other industrial markets.

So whether you are looking for wet or dry bottom ash technology Clyde Bergemann has it all.  In addition to these main products Clyde Bergemann also offer a number of other complimentary products including Jaw Crushers, On-ward conveying systems, closed-loop water recirculation and cooling systems.  Clyde Bergemann is definitely your one stop shop for each of your materials handling needs, no matter how big or small.