A New Addition to Our Group of Companies: RPT Shanghai Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd (Clyde Bergemann RPT)

Clyde Bergemann has taken over RPT in December 2016. RPT started business in China in 2005 with a focus on clean emission of flue gas in the energy sector and industrial areas.

Clyde Bergemann Environmental Technologies Rotary Valves Provide a Reliable Method for Dry Sorbent Feeding

Rotary valves are used to meter flow of materials. With Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems, a rotary valve meters the sorbent into a pneumatic conveying piping system.

European Pulp & Paper Mill Utilizes RS Steam Saver Low Pressure Drop Sootblower for their Newly Rebuilt Recovery Boiler

One of the biggest producers of bleached softwood kraft pulp and bleached kraft paper in Central and Eastern Europe came into contact with Clyde Bergemann’s Boiler Efficiency specialists to help su

Maintaining the Performance and Reliability of an Electrostatic Precipitator

Clyde Bergemann has partnered with a large US American power producer for over 14 years on their electrostatic precipitator semi-annual maintenance.  The key?  Outstanding customer service.

Boiler Cleaning Optimization with SMART CLEAN™ Intelligent Sootblowing

Using SMART Clean and SMART Cannons at Alliant Energy’s Edgewater Facility Improve System Reliability and Plant Heat Rate