Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions, Turnkey
Turnkey Solutions, Turnkey
Turnkey Solutions, Turnkey
Turnkey Solutions, Turnkey
Turnkey Solutions, Turnkey
Turnkey Solutions, Turnkey

Clyde Bergemann has extensive experience in delivering complex, full turnkey solutions for materials handling projects. Our capabilities for new build and retrofits provide peace of mind to our clients who know that the experts are in full control of the total engineering, procurement and construction phases of the project.

In addition to Clyde Bergemann’s class leading technologies we have a world class project execution and turnkey capability supporting our mission to provide customer focussed tailored total solutions to cover a wide range of demanding industrial applications with a strong focus on energy and heavy Industry. 

Clyde Bergemann have more than 30 years’ experience in the field of bulk materials handling and have built an installed base of more than 1,100 installations within the energy related sectors and similar credentials within the heavy industries.  They serve the energy and heavy industry sectors worldwide with conveying systems for bulk materials such as ash, coal, sand, limestone, cement and biomass.  Specialist expertise in pneumatic conveying utilising both positive and negative dense and lean conveying technologies enables Clyde Bergemann to positively differentiate from our competitors and offer the most competitive solutions to our customers.

Clyde Bergemann is a progressive, multi-disciplined project management organisation that has the skills, focus and discipline to ensure your projects are not only completed safely, on-time and within budget but also fully achieve their intended purpose.   Our understanding of the design and construction process from initial survey to the ultimate delivery including on-going service works provides us the capacity to deliver cost-effective turnkey solutions to a variety of industries.  With the project management capability to handle full ‘turnkey’ solutions, we have successfully carried out contracts utilising local manufacture where appropriate to enhance our competitiveness and encourage the local economy.

To maintain a competitive position in the market place Clyde Bergemann adopt a global supply chain network that is second to none.  We are able to manage our supply chain in order to maintain the high level of quality that has come to be expected of our customer base.  Additionally, on every project we evaluate the practicality and economics of local sourcing to ensure we are offering a balance between quality and capital cost whilst meeting the requirements of the project.  We are flexible in our approach to procurement and manufacture and always willing to discuss different options to suit our customer’s expectations.

Our services include:

• Turnkey Projects
• Design
• Equipment manufacturing
• Project Management
• Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)
• Installation
• Commissioning
• Plant Evaluations and Analysis
• Feasibility Studies
• Service Contracts

Our commitment is to work with you offering turnkey materials handling solutions to optimize your entire operation. We aim to provide a service that excels in challenging industries making Clyde Bergemann a unique leader in our markets globally.