Pyrite Systems

The milling of coal in power stations is the heart of the fuel delivery system. However, with varying fuel mixes and chemical composition ball mills have an increasing challenge to deal with reject materials such as pyrites, rocks and tramp metals.   Rejects that are discharge from the coal mills must be handled and removed from the process and Clyde Bergemann are able to offer many different solutions to overcome this problem.

In older power stations it is more common to see hydraulic type pyrites removal systems using water and pumps to ensure enclosed transportation to reception tanks or ash ponds.   Clyde Bergemann are well educated on this kind of wet removal system and have references on large applications through-out the world that can demonstrate our engineering capability.

Working with the industry to reduce water contamination to the environment Clyde Bergemann are also able to offer cleaner dry solutions for extracting mill rejects.  This solution uses pan type mechanical conveyors encapsulated within an explosion proof casing to ensure effective and safe operation is achieved whilst transporting the reject material to containers of bulk silos for onward disposal.

Issues around explosions and ATEX are also accommodated by Clyde Bergemann engineering and technology without question.