Industrial Sectors

Cement Plant
PetroChem Plant at Night
Pulp Mill

Clyde Bergemann’s experience in Materials handling across a range of Industries can be traced back many years, and continues to grow year upon year as our new projects are successfully commissioned.

The Materials Handling history goes back to the early 1970’s and although originally focussed on the coal fired power generation industry, within a few years developed across many industries.  Growing to be a dominant player in the power generation industry, the wider industrial markets were not forgotten as a core part of our business.
Our own technologies can offer solutions across a broad range of applications and markets, and are particularly suited to more complex processes involved in “Heavy Industrial” situations where our equipment is a key part of the production process and our specialised knowledge is important.   A deep understanding of a wide range of technologies and processes, our flexibility and understanding of our client’s needs, plus our ability to provide a complete turnkey package gives our clients peace of mind and guaranteed performance in the most extreme situations.

Flexibility and Innovation is a key philosophy at Clyde Bergemann, and we always strive to find the best possible result determined by each individual situation and the client’s needs, not by what our “standard solution” may be.

The current global situation pushes clients to seek ever more efficient methods – we also remain very focussed on the future and low energy, low maintenance, and high availability are at the core of all solutions we offer.

A much wider range of materials and fuels are available today than ever before.  Clyde Bergemann’s experience in Alternative Materials and Fuels as well as more traditional fuels is second to none, and increases as we seek to develop new bespoke solutions for the latest available products.

Industry Applications:

  • Cement and Minerals
  • Iron and Steel
  • Non-Ferrous metals
  • PetroChem and Plastics
  • Water
  • Waste to Energy
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Coal to Chemical or Gas