Lean Phase Conveying

Pneumatic conveying systems have three basic forms of operation, dense phase, medium phase and lean phase (also known as dilute phase).  The method of lean phase pneumatic conveying has been used from the beginning of pneumatic conveying.  With lean phase conveying the ratio of conveying product to conveying air is low.  In most cases the operating pressure of a lean phase conveying system is under one bar.  When the product being conveyed can greatly vary in particle size, shape or bulk density, then lean phase may be the right choice. 

Unlike many companies who specialize in only one form of pneumatic conveying, Clyde Bergemann offers all forms of pneumatic conveying.  We analyze your needs and offer the correct form of pneumatic conveying for you. 


  • Low material to air ratios
  • Works well in both vacuum and pressure conveying



  • Conveys a very wide range of materials
  • Well suited even if materials handled greatly vary in particle size, shape or bulk density