Silo Roof Equipment

Pneumatic Conveying and Silo Roof Equipment
Silo Roof Top Equipment.

Clyde Bergemann understands the importance of storage efficiency as well as the need to optimise transportation of materials within a process. In doing so we are capable of engineering packages with high-end cost efficient storage solutions utilising technologies from the Clyde Bergemann product portfolio and beyond.

Our team has the expertise to design and layout the roof of storage systems to ensure space is kept to a minimum and equipment is working in harmony. Access and maintenance of equipment is also key and at the centre of our design team's thinking process.

Whether we are dealing with a single silo or multiple silos Clyde Bergemann have a proven range of technologies to offer for all. Heavy duty actuated Dome Type Switch Valves allow complex piping routes to be realised no matter what the size or flow direction. Clyde Bergemann Dump Valves® are used when multiple silo systems are required allowing automated deliver to storage on the basis of demand and efficiency. Terminal boxes or wear resistant bends can be included to ensure pipe terminations are suitable and appropriate for the industry application.

The storage silo entire process is taken care of by the Clyde Bergemann engineering team and our approach ensures a reliable and effective operation of any of our customer's systems. From basic design through to detailed civil and structural engineering Clyde Bergemann are waiting to assist you with your every need.

Clyde Bergemann has a reference list that is second to none in the design and supply of steel conical or flat bottom concrete silo systems together with all associated roof equipment necessary for receiving materials from pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical systems.

Our silo roof technology and design portfolio includes:

  • Complete basic and detailed design (mechanical, process, electrical & civil)
  • Dump valves, Dome type Switch Valves and Terminal Boxes
  • Dust filtration systems with or without forced air system
  • Cyclone separation for either wet or dry materials
  • Crushers, feeders and weighing devices
  • Process instrumentation including level, pressure and temperature detection
  • Lifting equipment for maintenance
  • Maintenance and access design and supply
  • Inspection and access hatches