Pulse Jet Fabric Filter

Our fabric filter technology has been in service on numerous power and industrial plants since 1979.  Clyde Bergemann Power Group has had over 140 successful PJFF installations behind PC boilers, CFBs, biomass boilers, MSW units and other industrial processes,  The Clyde Bergemann inlet manifold design reduces pressure drop, improves ash and gas flow distribution, and promotes longer bag life.  In addition, our patented system of hopper vanes will minimize dust re-entrainment after cleaning, thereby lowering the number of cleaning cycles.  This has a very favorable impact on emissions and bag life.  We have repeatedly demonstrated some of the lowest emissions and longest service life from conventional fiberglass and PPS bags on coal fired applications and biomass applications.

Clyde Bergemann offers modular design fabric filters for small industrial units as well as large utility units. Our modular design concept is able to maximize pre-shipment shop fabrication and minimizes costly field welding, thus significantly reduce system erection costs and duration.

• Patented Stepped Inlet Manifold provides a significant improvement in flow distribution compared to conventional tapered designs
• Patented Hopper Inlet Vane System  assures an even distribution of dust laden gas to all bags, thus minimizing dust re-entrainment after cleaning, lowering number of cleaning cycles, and eliminating localized areas of high velocity
• Flexibility for online or offline cleaning
• Low pressure, high volume pulse cleaning system
• Venturi nozzle design eliminates bag damage caused by pulsing

• Extremely low emissions
• Lower power consumption due to reduced mechanical pressure drop and uniform gas flow distribution
• Longer bag life due to lower number of cleaning cycles and uniform ash distribution
• Reduced erection cost by utilizing modular construction
• Twist-lock cage design for easy installation and prolong bag life