Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems
GT Diverter with Guillotine
GT Exhaust Bypass Stack
Stack Damper

Clyde Bergemann gas turbine exhaust systems and components provide a “Balance of Plant” Island solution (exclusive of the turbine and HRSG-boiler).

Trusted Bachmann® equipment is the critical link between the gas turbine exhaust flange on the one side and the HRSG inlet connection on the other side.

Our exhaust systems provide all media handling and conditioning needs into and out of the gas turbine, including any exhaust bypass.

Depending on specific requirements, systems may be supplied as entire homogeneous units, or as individual components: 

  • Expansion Joints
  • Gas Flow Diverter Systems
  • Diffusers, Transitions, Equalisers
  • Silencers and Casings
  • Exhaust Stacks and Stack Dampers
  • Isolation Guillotine Dampers
  • Ladders, Platforms, and Supports


Patented features in our components provide the turbine and boiler customer and the end user with high performance, leading edge equipment to suit every plant layout, retrofit or new construction, up to the largest turbines manufactured.


Gas Turbine Exhaust System Components



  • Exhaust systems for simple-cycle and combined-cycle
  • Finite Element Analys (FEA) and 3D modeling of designs to ensure performance
  • Systems may be supplied as entire units, or as individual components
  • Custom engineering to accommodate unique requirements of each installation
  • Experience and expertise with all types and sizes of turbines



  • System integrity under high temperature, high velocity exhaust conditions
  • Options available for easy and economical conversion to combined-cycle operation
  • Experience and expertise from hundreds of installations around the world
  • Reliable, cost-effective operation