Service & Parts

When it comes to maintaining your boiler’s efficiency, Clyde Bergemann Power Group provides you with a full range of services from supply of spare parts, installation, commissioning, training of service personnel, up to providing consulting services for optimization and modernization of on-load boiler cleaning systems. Clyde Bergemann Power Group is unique in the industry since it is the OEM for Clyde Bergemann, Copes Vulcan and Forest sootblowers and is capable of supplying close to 95% of parts for Diamond Power sootblowers.

Being the OEM for three sootblower brands has allowed Clyde Bergemann Power Group to implement new technology on parts for Diamond Power sootblowers to provide parts of superior quality.

We provide a complete service covering the entire lifespan of cleaning equipment helping you streamline your procurement process. Our services are completely flexible and customized to your specific needs. We have you covered.

We carry an impressive inventory of on hand parts in our European headquarters and in our regional service centers across the world. Made to order parts such as lances and feedtubes can be shipped within a short time frame in emergency situations.

You can depend on our prompt supply of spare parts in the case of unplanned shutdowns. In any case, our 24-hour hotline and comprehensive spare-parts warehouse guarantee the very best conditions to make help available – quickly.


Product Support Programs:


  • Total Cost of Ownership Reduction
  • Customer Specific Maintenance Agreements
  • Component Exchange
  • Parts Supply
  • Full Maintenance Contracts
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Process Improvements
  • Upgrade Kits



Service Programs:


  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Training
  • Sootblower Availability
  • Turnkey Project Management
  • Service Supervision
  • Inspections/Walkdowns
  • World-wide Service


 Our 24-hour Service Hotline: +49 170 990 50 35